Our fully vertically integrated solution has been developed to put our customers at the forefront of the real estate industry. Best-in-class BMS technology, innovative financial modelling tools and an in-house research institute provide our clients with the greatest insights available, allowing them to derive as much value as possible from their portfolios.

Gemin-i Ecosystem

Enhanced building management systems and services including state-of-the art asset tracking, translation tools and data analytics. Innovations to building technology, developed by our Research Institute, are pushed to our customers first.

Gemin-i Alpha Engine

Financial modelling tools, fully integrated with your BMS to provide real-time understanding of the value of your assets and guidance for your decision-making processes.
Unlock the true value of your portfolio today.

Gemin-i Research Institute

Research and innovation with your needs in mind. Our in-house team works with academic institutions and other organisations to develop best in class solutions which you can access before your competition does.

A fully integrated solution

  • Building data is at the heart of the offering to the operator.
  • All services are under one roof, one contract.
  • Users can access their data when they want.

Yield and asset value is improved

  • Lower costs and socially responsible buildings attract more tenants.
  • Higher occupancy, higher rental income.
  • Extend your asset’s lifespan.

Next Steps…

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