Our Vision

We envision an enhanced portfolio management tool that doesn’t just save money for clients – it makes money for them too. A tool that goes beyond standard BMS systems to create the real estate portfolio management system that is the new industry standard.

Gemin-i Analytics is a platform that will change the way that real estate portfolio owners think and operate. It enables the best outcomes for owners, managers and tenants.

We spend our lives in buildings, let’s make them as good as they can be, for everyone.

Our Story

Our company was created out of a desire to see true value being delivered to BMS customers.

Many companies achieve energy and maintenance savings for their customers. None go the extra mile to put their clients at the front of innovation, to raise their profile as sustainability leaders and to generate direct enterprise value for them.

We started Gemin-i Analytics to do just this.

Our Team

Our ethos is simple: we do first-class business in a first-class way. Our leadership team is comprised of individuals who have a deep understanding of the real estate investment market and the Smart Buildings industry. Together we have developed a solution that does not just optimise buildings and save money, it makes money for our customers too.

Next Steps…

If you are interested in hearing more or receiving a quote then please get in touch with us.